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Portland Pedal Power may be known for food delivery service in Portland, but as a local bicycle based business we love and support all bicycle based businesses! Our hopes, dreams, and goals revolve around bicycle based, sustainable business models becoming a predominant business model (especially in urban areas) and spreading like wild fire all over the country. So when we see new bike biz, we love to know more about it and show it off in an effort to promote bike biz around the nation.

So you can imagine our delight when walking into Powell’s the other day, we ran across this man! This is Jeffrey Schoenfeld. Jeffrey has been in the bike biz for only a short time but is looking to make a big impact with his business Raw Potential. Jeffrey has made camp on the corner of NW 11th and Couch in the Pearl district selling handmade raw organic products using local ingredients whenever possible. Currently on his website, he has listed that he is currently using ingredients from Holy Kakow and Jacobsen Salt Co. He offers hot drinks made from rich organic products, sparkling water on tap, and even a hand made ice cream! He also makes a great raw macadamia almond milk!

When we approached Jeffrey, he was very friendly and open and more than willing to rap with us about what inspired his business. Around Springtime, Jeffrey decided to make some dietary changes cutting out bad carbs and processed foods, and eating more raw organic foods instead. This change of diet provided a whole new energy and a plethora of inspiration. That inspiration led him to start making items that he would like to consume, more raw organic items that would be difficult to find in stores. Next thing you know, Raw Potential was born.

You can find Jeffrey on the corner of NW 11th and Couch right outside of the Powell’s bookstore entrance, setup on his Bullitt bicycle offering warm drinks to cold passersby! Ride on Jeffrey!

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