In cargo bikes

Elf At Portland Pedal Power, we’re always looking ahead. And as we look to the future of cargo bikes, there are quite a few nagging questions on our minds: How much weight can we carry? How can we make our bikes safer? How can we make them more efficient?

And then we see something like the ELF. It’s light weight; the frame is 45% recycled aluminum and the body is made from a durable, warp-resistant plastic composite called Trylon. It’s efficient; it’s a hybrid that allows the rider to switch between motor power and pedal power, or any combination of both. The eight pound battery pack, which is charged through a 60 watt solar panel on the ELF’s roof, will give the rider a 30 mile range on a full charge. And it’s powerful enough to tackle hills while carrying up to 350 pounds of cargo in its storage compartment.

So, what do you think? Can you see a PPP Rider pulling up to your office on an ELF, delivering enough Mellow Mushroom pizza for 100 people? Or can you see yourself giving up your car in favor of an eco-friendly ELF? If you’re thinking about it, click here for more information.