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In between making lunch and dinner deliveries from your favorite restaurants in Portland, PPP riders Fitz, Colin, Alex and Brook have been distributing flyers all over town for The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. You may be asking yourself, “What is The Wellspring School, and what do they do?” Well, we’re glad you asked!

Wellspring School 1The Wellspring School for Healing Arts recently moved to a new amazing location at 2440 NE MLK Blvd Portland OR, 97212. The school offers comprehensive programs and classes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amma Therapy (a form of Asian Bodywork), nutrition, movement arts and a host of community classes that focus on wholistic healthcare and wellbeing.

Continue reading for more information about the upcoming Amma Therapy Program (starting February 2013), and the school’s vast Community Class Schedule.

Amma Therapy: Become a student of the Mind & Body

Amma Bodywork Therapy is a comprehensive form of wholistic healthcare that includes training in a traditional Asian bodywork form, wholistic nutrition, herbs, supplements, meditation, tai chi, and qigong.

A classical Asian healing art and bodywork style that predates acupuncture, “Amma” is the oldest Chinese word to describe massage. Amma Therapy is a specialized form of bodywork that combines deep, circular pressure, acu-point stimulation & utilizes Chinese Medicine principles for assessing and treating imbalances in the body’s energy system.

Wellspring’s program provides a solid foundation in Chinese Medicine theory and diagnostics. Students will learn in-depth treatment of channels and points to maintain health and to prevent and relieve many health conditions.

Wellspring founder, Rylen Feeney (LMT#14733), and instructor, Michael Guida (LMT#19016) collectively have over forty years of experience teaching and practicing Amma Therapy. They offer the only training in Amma Therapy on the West Coast. The Wellspring School honors the integrity of this lineage art and strives to maintain Amma Bodywork Therapy in its purest form.

Please click here to learn more about Amma Therapy and the importance of continuing it’s lineage.

Community Class Schedule at The Wellspring
Winter Schedule

The Wellspring has always been interested in offering classes for the community with Health and Wellbeing at the core. Check out their schedule to find classes in movement arts (t’ai chi, qigong, yoga, meditation), wholistic nutrition, supplementation, bodywork, home healthcare, and more. They make these classes affordable and at times of the week that are convenient for most. They are always open to suggestions as to what classes you would LIKE to see them offer and if there is a particular time of day that works best for you. Drop them a line if you have a suggestion at [email protected]. They look forward to meeting you in their new beautiful location!

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