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Sugar Mamas' CaféThis is a guest blog written by Michelle and Zelda of Sugar Mamas’ Café. We delivered amazing food from their old location, and we’re looking forward to working with them again soon!

For the past year, we were searching for a new location for Sugar Mamas’ Café. The search is over, and we’re working hard to open a wonderful new place right in downtown. We are moving up from from 750 square feet to 1800 square feet and we’ll have a full commercial kitchen, seating for fifty inside, as well as outdoor seating for twenty when the weather warms up. We’ll also have room for an express area for you to run in to grab your morning coffee, latte, and a pastry or muffin, and run out again! (So cool!) And in a few months we’ll be opening our new small bar also. Things are really looking up for Sugar Mamas’!

Our Grand Opening date is to be determined, but we’re hoping for March 1st! There is still a lot of work to do – Equipment to be installed, painting, plumbing and so on! As we did when we took over the old Sugar Mamas’ space, we came in with nothing but the desire to make wonderful food and drink for people! In the five years we were in the old place, our business grew over 800% and got to the point where we could no longer function effectively in that space. We had to close to concentrate on the search for the new space.

Now, we are almost ready to open the new restaurant. But we need your help. We have started a campaign on Indigogo to try to make some pre-sale money. When you order from us on Indiegogo, you get a great selection of items to choose from, and we get some working capital to help us buy some of the things that we need desperately! Once we get through the initial opening days, we know that we’ll be okay. Please go take a look at our page and if you can help, we’d be so grateful!

Thanks so much! Your help means so much to us. We’ve really missed you all! To keep up with us follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you soon at the new Sugar Mamas’ Café in downtown Portland!

  • Courtney

    Bring it on!!! Oh how I missed the Sugar Mamas home cooking. So glad to be seeing them get back in the action.