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KenOur fearless leader, Ken Wetherell, founder and co-owner of Portland Pedal Power was in a cycling accident. Again. Don’t worry though. Ken is a superhero, and he’s doing just fine. Again.

If you look back at Silver Linings, Ken’s blog post from last year, you’ll see that he rides with a streak of luck behind him. He was in two accidents last summer – he was hit by a car in June and wiped out on a mountain bike in August – and while he suffered some injuries, none of them had lasting effects and they didn’t do anything to break his spirit. An avid cyclist who’s always looking for new ways to reduce wind resistance on his fleet of custom bikes, Ken is quick to get back in the saddle.

This time, he’ll be riding again in no time because of one thing in particular: his helmet.

Ken's Helmet

The League of American Bicyclists, which has been representing the interests of cyclists since 1880, “strongly recommends” the use of helmets while cycling. According to the League, a properly fitting helmet that is certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission can drastically decrease the risks of head injuries in a cycling accident. Their position on the issue states that “controlled studies have shown that a rider not wearing a helmet is between two and three times more likely to suffer a head injury in a crash than is a helmet wearer.” Those odds sure make it seem like wearing a helmet is a good idea.

We’re definitely happy that those scuffs are on Ken’s helmet instead of his head. As Ken says, helmets are awesome.

For more information on bicycling safety, click here to check out the League of American Bicyclists.

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  • Ken Wetherell

    Yes, new helmet each time! I love, love, love helmets. Would not ride without one. I hit some ice a few winters back right in the middle of a turn and went down fast on my hip and head. That one alone would have been a lights-outer. I think am done with the bike meets car thing.

  • Aimee Fahey

    Rad! I’m assuming he’s gotten a new helmet after each crash right???