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This is a guest blog from Jonathon Monk from Cycling Made Easy. Based outside of London, Cycling Made Easy is a regional stockist for several brands of electric bikes and can give advice and guidance, plus accompanied test rides to make sure that customers feel comfortable and can experience E-Bikes first-hand before looking to buy. Portland Pedal Power riders have experienced the benefits of E-Bikes, as a couple of the bikes in our fleet are equipped with electric assists. Our electric bikes are particularly helpful when biking up Burnside to pick up an order from Zupan’s in NW Portland. But without further adieu, here’s what Jonathon has to say about E-Bikes:

Here at Cycling Made Easy, we stay in close contact with our customers to make sure the bikes are running well and providing value to them. We’ve been very proud of our selection of electric bikes from Ecobike and have been finding they are offering near legendary reliability. Simon (pictured) had his serviced with us recently for the second time since he bought it and explained for us:

“Since buying the bike I’ve been using it almost every day for over a year. My round trip is 18 miles almost exactly with hills either end where the electric assist comes into its own. The bike has enabled me to get fit and I feel a lot better physically now. Despite what people think, riding an electric bike can be a really good workout, particularly when I want to get home quickly after a stressful day at work. The bike more than pays for itself financially as rarely drive to work much and don’t have to pay for parking. I really enjoy cycling to work and miss it if I do have to drive! Even though I wasn’t out all the time because of the winter cold, I’ve still done over 3000 miles, and I can keep track of that using my cycle computer.”

It’s an impressive figure and it shows what can be achieved on an electric bike. Within another month or so Simon’s distance travelled will be on a par with…

• Cycling from our showroom to Berlin and back three times – Taking a break from cycling when on the ferry (3198 miles)
• Traveling across the North Atlantic from Lands’ End to New York City (3260 miles)

And all of this can be accomplished with only recharging the battery and gear adjustments!

The Ecobike has a range of 45 miles on a single charge, is supremely easy to use and takes hassle and strain out of commuting entirely. Head on over to Cycling Made Easy to check out our selection of electric bikes from Ecobike, as well as Scott, EasyMotion, FreeGo, Mobiky and several others!