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Denise & AnnaPortland Pedal Power’s extended family is getting some press these days. Shortly after winning $1,000 grant through Wella’s Hairdressers at Heart Charity Challenge, Denise and Anna Wetherell, wife and daughter of our Founder and Co-Owner Ken Wetherell, were featured in the cover story of Oregon Jewish Life magazine for the work they’re doing to stop rape and genocide in Africa. The article, written by OJL editor Deborah Moon, details the efforts that the Wetherell girls have made with Pamper for a Purpose, an annual event that they launched in 2011.

Pamper has made a legitimate impact so far, catching notice from Jewish World Watch, which has similar goals to fight genocide and other atrocities happening throughout the world. JWW’s Outreach Director Mina Rush is quoted in the article, saying that Pamper is “a brilliant idea that everyone loves” and that she needs a Denise Wetherell in every city.

The Never Again Coalition, a global voice against genocide, has also seen the positive results of Pamper for a Purpose. Dale Oller, a Coalition member, also provided praise for Pamper in the article, saying, “I admire Denise’s imagination and understanding of what one individual can accomplish when the cause is near and dear to the heart.”

The final quote in the article comes from Anna, who first inspired her mother to take action: “I like seeing everyone come together to make a change,” says Anna. “The people who donate their services are so happy. I go to bed that night and think how awesome it is that we’ve just helped people in Darfur and the Congo.”

Head on over to Oregon Jewish Life to check out the entire article. There’s much more information, and a lot of amazing quotes from Denise, Anna and their supporters. It’s a great read!

Pamper for a Purpose will be held at Director Park from 2pm – 7pm on Sunday, July 28th. So take a break from your routine and pamper yourself (#treatyoself) this weekend. Massages, hair care, manicures and more are only $20 per service, and the money will be donated to a great cause! For more information, head to the website, the Facebook page, and our previous blog entry on the event.