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Pastini PastariaPastini Pastaria, Portland’s Italian restaurants with a passion for pasta, have joined Portland Pedal Power’s list of eateries delivered by bike. Pastini’s name references the small, neighborhood bistros of Italy that serve a variety of pastas, and Pastini indeed offers a large selection of the noble noodle in authentic, made-from-scratch dishes.

Pastini started as a tiny restaurant in Irvington and has added locations downtown, on NW 23rd, and in SE Portland. But, while they’ve grown up over the last 11 years, they have stayed true to their roots by partnering with many locals farmers and suppliers like Pearl Bakery, Portland Roasting Coffee and Classic Foods, their supplier for artisan fresh pastas. And they’ve also stayed true to a philosophy of making all their own sauces, pestos, dressings and desserts, as well as making each dish to order. This means that every pasta, salad, sandwich and tiramisu is made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients and tastes like it!

Another great thing about Pastini is that their pastas run the gamut from classics like Spaghetti & Meatballs and Chicken Alfredo to unique pastas and preparations like orecchiete with Italian sausage, arugula, broccolini and cherry tomatoes. And vegetarian dishes are plentiful, as well as vegan options, fresh salads, gluten-free pastas and even gluten-free tiramisu. Or, if you’re looking for appetizers for a reception or party, you can choose from antipasto platters, baked housemade meatballs, garlic bread and bruschetta platters, made with wonderful Pearl Bakery breads. There is definitely something for every pasta aficionado at Pastini.

So place your order today for your favorite pasta dish from Pastini Pastaria, and have it delivered by bicycle to your home or office in Portland. You can’t go wrong with Portland Pedal Power and Pastini Pastaria. Two local companies with an interest in sustainability and locally sourced food, coming together to bring you the best Italian food Portland has to offer!