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Your friendly bicycle delivery riders at Portland Pedal Power couldn’t be happier to announce some great news from TREO Bike Tours. We became connected with TREO recently, when PPP Co-Owners Jenn and Courtney won a TREO Cycling Tour at the BTA Alice Awards, and we’ve been excited to work with them ever since. Our riders have been distributing TREO flyers all around Portland over the past few months, and we’re all super excited about the possibility of taking a company retreat to TREO next summer to check out the beauty of Eastern Oregon. But without further adieu, here’s the news!

TREOTREO Bike Tours is wrapping up a very successful first year catering to cyclists of every persuasion. This fall, the ranch, which also caters to hikers, rafters and hunters, will transition back to its 20-year tradition of catering to bird hunters at the start of pheasant and chukar season.

To help encourage more bookings for 2013 and give back to the cycling community, which helped make their new venture possible, TREO will be giving 10% of their proceeds to top-tier Oregon Cycling advocates. Guests can choose to donate to The Cycle Oregon Fund, The Bicycle Transportation Alliance, or The Community Cycling Center when they book a package for 2013 season. See availability here.

Bicycle tourism in Oregon is a boon economically and for the health of it’s residents. TREO’s Phil and Kathy Carlson care deeply about safe cycling and livable communities for all Oregonians.  They are convinced that their business could not and will not be successful without strong bicycle advocacy and community support. TREO will continue to give back to the community beyond 2013 as it establishes the TREOCares program of community support. Stayed tuned for more information on TREOCares and be on the lookout for great new programs and projects as TREO Bike Tours grows it’s bike touring operations.

Please contact Phil Carlson at 541-256-0291 or Dan Kaufman 503-267-2862 for more information.