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This is a guest blog from Gluten Free Gem, an amazing gluten free bakery in North Portland. We’ve been delivering Gem’s products to cafés and markets in Portland since February of this year, and we’re excited to announce that you can now have delicious Gem cakes, cookies, brownies and other tasty treats delivered to your door by bicycle! Just click here to see Gem’s menu on the Portland Pedal Power website! And keep reading to find out more about Gluten Free Gem!

Gem CupcakesGluten Free Gem bakery owner, Anne Miller, knows the challenges and obstacles that come along with eating a restricting gluten free diet. So when her husband, Mike Miller, opened up his second coffee shop, Corbett Coffee Plant, in the John’s Landing neighborhood in 2006 she insisted that he do it completely gluten free. They had just discovered that their daughter Greta, like Anne, was also gluten free and the family was facing the challenges of finding locales where Anne and Greta could eat comfortably without the worry of cross contamination.

Working with a small team of talented bakers in their neighborhood coffee shop, they began to develop recipes and flour mixes to create products that helped raise the bar for gluten free pastries today. After a couple years, the popularity of the café’s pastries and desserts inspired Corbett Coffee Plant to wholesale the products to a number of other local cafes under the name CCP Gluten Free Baking.

The GemsIn 2011 Corbett Coffee Plant closed its doors but the gluten free baking continued and expanded under a new name, Gluten Free Gem. The name Gem was inspired by Greta and Emma Miller, daughters of the bakery owners who began this journey over 7 years ago. Gluten Free Gem still uses the original flour mix created over 7 years ago and some of the original recipes sold at the coffee shop. Gluten Free Gem bakery is now located in North Portland’s industrial area with a small pickup counter featuring pastries and desserts that are baked fresh Monday-Friday. They offer a wide variety of gluten free, dairy free, and vegan pastries that will please anyone, from people who normally eat gluten to those with the strictest of gluten free diets.

Gem’s products can be found at over 50 locations in the Portland area including New Seasons Markets, Fresh Pot Cafés, Stumptown Cafés, and many local Hospital Cafés. The bakery also creates beautifully decorated custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions by special order. This year, Gluten Free Gem became gluten free certified through The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) gluten free certification organization, the leading gluten free certification program.

Gem Lemon BarsWe are fortunate to live in a city that now offers many choices in gluten free bakeries and restaurants that have helped pave the way for quality gluten free foods. Gluten Free Gem is one of Portland’s original dedicated gluten free bakeries that continues to raise the bar for gluten free, offering pastries and desserts with exceptional flavor and texture. Click here to order our products through Portland Pedal Power, and all of your favorite gluten free treats will be delivered to your door by bicycle!