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RideyeThe roadways can be an exciting and terrifying place. Portland Pedal Power knows this just as well as the next bicyclist in the PDX area, and we are always considering new ways to keep our riders safe. When the worst is a possibility, we all wish we could have had another set of eyes on the road. You can imagine when we found out about the new dashcam for bikes, Rideye, we were very excited.

This unique camera was introduced on Kickstarter by cyclist Cedric Bosch down in Los Angeles, California. Bosch is a mechanical engineer and considers himself as an avid racer and mountain biker. After having a friend suffer serious injury during a hit and run, Bosch designed a camera “for cyclists to protect themselves while navigating the concrete jungle.”

Rideye features crash detection sensors, High Definition video measuring 1280 x 720 pixels, and battery life allowing a full 24 hours of continuous use. The camera is capable of storing up to 8 gigabytes of video. Rideye also features a simple “one touch operation.” Users need only touch one button to switch the camera on or off, and once turned off, the camera automatically saves and files the video captured during your commute. If worst comes to worst, crash detection sensors will cause the camera to shut down and save the video file until the the camera can be retrieved. The camera is USB accessible, so you can easily download these video files onto your computer.

The camera can be mounted on your helmet, your handlebars, and even your bike seat to give you a full 120 degrees of vision in whatever direction you choose. Check out this video to see the view Rideye has of the streets of LA.

Unfortunately, even when we think we are prepared, accidents happen. When it does, having video evidence of what happened can be a great asset. Please, remember to stay safe out there.

Take a look at Rideye on Kickstarter and see if it fits your needs. Let us know what you think about this camera on twitter at @pdxpedpow or on our Facebook page! We would love to hear what you have to say.