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RosWheel BagAt Portland Pedal Power, we always like to keep our eyes open for new and exciting products on the market. We came across this very cool RosWheel Frame Pannier Bag, developed for AGPTek products. RosWheel has a variety of bike products, but this particular bag caught my attention.

The bag has some roomy space for your keys, wallet, energy bars or even a bike lock, but the most interesting feature is the clear PVC window on the front to allow access to your phone. The bag is big enough to hold a phone that measures up to 5.5”, so even your extra large smartphones can fit nicely.

Another cool feature is the headphone jack which feeds from the bottom of the bag. You can listen to playlists whenever you’re on the road, or even use your hands free headset if it requires a headphone jack.

The bag mounts at the top tube of the bike frame just below the handlebars using three velcro straps. The orientation of the of the bag gives you, the rider, easy access to any application you might need to use on your phone. Need GPS directions to Whole Foods? Need to order a meal from BrunchBox on the run? Now you can!

As we know, the environment takes its toll on our equipment. The Pacific Northwest weather we’re going to start receiving from the rain gods is no exception to that factor. RosWheel seemed to plan for moisture, as the case is waterproof.

Our conclusion? The RosWheel Frame Pannier Bag is a unique and innovative way to add some storage to your bike, and make your phone easily available for any necessary usage. As long as you keep your eyes on the road, this is a pretty neat way to get some apps running! You can find it on Amazon right here.