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Gonzo Falafel & Hummus CartA couple weeks ago the PPP team had the chance to visit Base Camp Brewery, a local destination that features a star-lit ceiling, great drinks like the Meridiwit, and a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. The place is amazing and one of the best parts, by far, was the food we were able to enjoy.

Enter stage right, Gonzo Falafel and Hummus, the people behind the amazing food you can find just outside Base Camp’s front door. I gave Gonzo a call and discovered a bit about what makes this place so great.

The name Gonzo, is a play on words with Garbanzo, one of the main ingredients in many of the dishes served at the place that The Oregonian rated one of the best new food carts in 2012. Tal, Gonzo’s founder, let on that there may have been a little inspiration from the Muppets as well. Upon his arrival in Portland after spending much of his early life in Israel, Tal found a lack of food that was distinct to the Middle East. Possessing a love for Middle Eastern cuisine, he decided to take an active role in changing that.

Gonzo makes an effort to ensure all the food it serves is organic. All of the items on the menu have been created from scratch, and only humanely raised meat is used. Tal mentioned he recognizes just how important it is to use ecologically friendly food sources, especially in Portland where so many people think about where their food comes from.

This dedication to providing superb food shows. The menu at Gonzo has a lot of enticing foods and can conform to any gluten-free or vegan dietary needs you may have. While we were at Base Camp, we were able to taste the Middle Eastern Platter and the Shawarma Fries, both of which were amazing. The Iraqi Sandwich, which combines eggplant, a hard-boiled egg and hummus with a delicious combo of veggies, herbs and spices, is Tal’s favorite.

Gonzo’s relationship with Base Camp Brewery started when both Tal and the Base Camp team realized they could benefit from the using each others strengths. Base Camp could focus on creating high quality drinks, and Gonzo could create fantastic Middle Eastern food. Both get to work on what they do best, and you get to enjoy a great combination of tasty food and drinks.

According to Tal, the relationship with Portland Pedal Power fits perfectly with Gonzo’s efforts towards social responsibility. It’s a great way to offer delivery to customers who might not be able to make it out to their location, and the fact that we do it all by bicycle only helps contribute to Tal’s sustainability goals. Likewise, we appreciate the amount of care that goes into each individual meal served at Gonzo. It’s a perfect match, and we look forward to a great future together.

So if you’re up for some Middle Eastern food, drop by Gonzo Falafel and Hummus located just outside Base Camp Brewery at 930 Southeast Oak Street. Or if the winter weather is keeping you in, or you’ve got a busy day at the office, order from our website and we’ll bring it to you by bicycle!