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Right on the tails of our new prepared take-home dinner program, Portland Pedal Power has teamed up with east side dinner delivery chef service, Dine In 2Nite. After launching his business in early 2012, owner David Baer was certain his new subscription dinner delivery service would appeal to singles, seniors, new parents, and pretty much every busy person in Portland who wanted to improve their dinnertime routine.  And while his inner east side clients have grown steadily over the year-and-a-half he’s been in business, his operation was too small to handle the added demand of beckoning consumers downtown and in the Pearl District.

That’s where we came in. After months of turning away inquiries from hungry professionals looking for better options for getting a decent, affordable dinner after a long day’s work, Dine In 2Nite contacted PPP to help expand their reach. Although they cook from a commercial kitchen located just east of the Burnside Bridge, Dine in 2Nite’s deliveries are currently made by car, and navigating the downtown streets during rush hour simply wasn’t in the cards for their delivery drivers. But the nimble capabilities of PPP proved to be just what they needed to reach an expanded audience.

Dine In 2Nite makes fresh, healthy meals daily to deliver to subscribers up to five days a week (Monday-Friday). You can check out Dine In 2Nite’s one-entree-a-day menu online, and subscribe directly through their website at or by phone 888.646.3257. PPP will be on the road each weeknight delivering their wares starting this month.