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Portland Pedal Power is partnering with Treehouse Chocolate! As a chocolate fiend myself, I’m always looking for that unique take on the classic dessert, and this place obviously knows its way around cacao!

Founded by surfer, sailor and bean-to-bar chocolate maker Aaron Koch, Treehouse Chocolate focuses on bringing out the exceptional quality of the cacao through craft. Treehouse Chocolate imports cacao from organic farmer owned cooperatives, roasts in small batches, and melanges in a traditional stone grinder. Because good things are crafted slowly, it takes about three days to make a 50lb batch of chocolate. All of the chocolate is made locally by hand, from ethically sourced cacao.

Aaron has been inspired to do a lot of crazy things during his life. After spending his childhood in Singapore, he decided to cross the Pacific and find a place in Portland. His curiousity led him to sail a boat through pirate territory in the Celebes Sea, a boat that later got struck by lightning. But the greatest thing curiosity guided him to do was work on the cacao farms of Hawaii.

There, Aaron dug his hands into the dirt and discovered a lifelong passion. In the tiny treehouse he called home, an idea formed: a chocolate company that does justice to the craft and spirit of cacao farming. That uses only premium organic cacao, sustainably sourced direct from the farmers. Treehouse forgoes unhealthy substitutes in favor of simple, natural deliciousness.

Looking at their varieties of chocolate is going to make your mouth water. One of the bars, called the Dominican, has hints of plum, hazelnut and tamarin. Another one called the Cascadia is sprinkled with some northwest sea salt, giving it a smokey taste of the ocean.

When you’re looking to indulge yourself, give some of the drinking varieties a shot. One of the drinks on their menu, The Original, is made from Single Origin Dominican Hispaniola Cacao “melted into a warm bath of drinkable heaven.” You can also try their ColdBrew Blend, mixed into a warm bath of Stumptown Coldbrew Coffee. I don’t know about you, but that sounds absolutely delightful with the freezing temperatures we’ve been experiencing.

Looking for a holiday gift for the season? Treehouse Chocolate is offering a Holiday Gift Pack including one chocolate bar, one mousse and one bottled drink. The Gift Pack includes a To/From note, so it can be easily gifted by bicycle to all of your loved ones in the Portland area! Call or email us for more information on delivery and take a look at Treehouse’s website at to find out more about their delicious chocolate treats. If you’re looking to get even more connected to your chocolate, you can also find Treehouse on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on bars, mousses and drinks from Treehouse Chocolate, drop us a line at to set up your delivery by bicycle, and then tell us how it tastes on Facebook and Twitter!