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Grab your Green Suspenders, socks, and running shoes! The Shamrock Run is back in just two months!

…Ok, so two months may seem like a ways away, but time is going to start slipping by before you know it. Portland Pedal Power recognizes this, and that’s why we want to remind you to register ASAP!

In case you’re not aware, the Shamrock Run is an annual trek through Portland, sporting a track record of 36 years this upcoming March. The Shamrock Run is the largest running event in Oregon, and the second largest on the West Coast. 35,000 participants get to run, walk, or sidestep (if that’s your thing) in one of five different events, from the 5km Shamrock Stride to the 15km Shamrock Challenge. You can even get the 12 and under kids involved with the 1km Leprechaun Lap.

We’ll have a couple of PPP cargo bikes at the Shamrock Run, saying hi to everyone and possibly handing out some freebies. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to advertise on our bikes, which double as eye-catching, mobile billboards. Contact Jenn for more information on advertising, and check us out while you’re by the waterfront on the day of the run!

All of the events start off at SW Naito Parkway and Pine Street, adjacent to Waterfront Park, and end at SW Naito Parkway and Taylor Street at the south end of Waterfront Park near the Salmon Springs Fountain. A portion of the net proceeds will benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

The event has reached its limit for the past four years, so you might want to register sooner than later. In fact, if you register before January 10th (that’s tomorrow!) you can save $5 per person registered. You can of course register online until March 4th, or you can register by mail if you so desire. Registering by mail requires you postmark by January 22nd, so get those envelopes postmarked! Remember though, the run is limited to 35,000 participants, so once the limit is reached, registration closes.

Registration not only gets you signed up for the run, it also gets you a free Shamrock Green running style t-shirt, some Widmer Brothers Beer, and a serving of Stanfords smoked salmon chowder. If you finish the 15 km Shamrock Challenge, you also receive a commemorative bottle opener medallion (I feel that all medallions should have a built-in bottle opener. That way, there’s even more incentive to win one!)

If you’re not up for the run, but still want to participate, you can contact Mallory Tyler to volunteer to help out on race day. You still get a free t-shirt and a free serving of Stanfords chowder!

Are you planning on registering, or already registered? Have you taken part in the Shamrock Run in the past? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We would love to hear about your experience!