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I know exactly who you are. Valentines day is right around the corner, and you don’t have anything planned. Sure, you may throw something together, maybe some wilted roses from the supermarket, or perhaps a standard box of chocolate. But isn’t that what you did last year?

Not this time! This year, you’re going to stay ahead of the curve with your friends at Portland Pedal Power! With your brain and our connections, we can help you give the perfect Valentines Day gift most people could only dream of! Check out a few of our ideas to see what we can deliver for you!

Gluten Free Gem Bakery: The quickest way to someones heart is through baked goods. Gluten Free Gem is a 100% gluten free bakery that creates some of the most delightful treats on this side of the universe. Gem even offers several vegan deserts like their Vegan Apple Cardamom Coffeecake, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and German Chocolate Cake. Check out their website and see what speaks to you.

New Cascadia Traditional: Another fantastically good bakery we are more than happy to be partnered with is New Cascadia, a purely gluten free bakery dedicated to giving you a safe source of gluten free products. New Cascadia offers everything from artisan bread to cakes to pastries, anything your Valentine may desire. Check out their gluten free cake menu to get a taste of what you can order, and then swing by our order page to let us do the rest!

Pearl Chocolate: Nothing says Happy Valentines Day like chocolate. Lucky for us, Portland is gifted with the likes of Pearl Chocolate, makers of the most decadent bonbons you will ever taste. The bonbons at Pearl Chocolate are handcrafted using sustainably sourced, single-origin chocolate. You can choose from a very wide variety of chocolates, including classic favorites like Salted Caramels and Peanut Butter Cups, as well as specialties including Cinnamon & Pink Peppercorn and Rolled Truffles. Check out our prior blog on Pearl Chocolate or visit their website for more information, and place your order today!

Treehouse Chocolate: The best part about chocolate is the fact that everyone seems to love it, and there are so many different variations! Treehouse Chocolate takes variety to a new level by combining flavors from all across the globe right here in Portland. You can choose from the wide variety of chocolate bars, like their Dominican, with notes of Plum, Hazelnut, & Tamarind to their Vegan Mousse, which is also free of gluten and soy. Treehouse even has liquid chocolate, like their Cold Brew Blend, for those who might be a little harder to shop for. Check out our prior blog regarding Treehouse Chocolate for more information, and start ordering right now!

Botanica Floral Design: Flowers have always been essential for every Valentines Day. Make sure the flowers you get send the right message, whether that happens to be “Be mine!” (Roses!) or “I’m Yours!” (Probably roses as well!). You can order anything from a dozen local roses to a small bouquet to ten stems of dendrobium orchids. Check out our order page to see what calls out your name.

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have someone to shop for, so if you’re prepared to curl up in front of a movie and eat away your sorrows on February 14th, at least make sure your meal is delicious! Portland Pedal Power offers delivery from a wide variety amazing restaurants, so stop by our dinner menu to see if there’s anything that can help dry the tears.

Are you excited for Valentines Day? Planning something special? Tell us your plans on Facebook and Twitter!