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Unless you were living under a rock, you may have noticed we got a little bit of snow over the weekend. And by a little snow, I mean the most snow Portland has witnessed in February since 1993. That’s more than 20 years ago, in case you still think its the 90’s (like I do sometimes). On Saturday night, I went out with a yard stick and measured 9 inches of snow on my back porch. I think I echo most of Portland when I say, “Holy Frozen Moisture, Batman!”

With that much snow, most of Portland shut down for the weekend. TriMet crawled to a standstill, the interstate became a nightmare for motorists, and we even saw a 20-inch diameter pipe dating back to 1931 give way. Alas, even the Dream Team of cyclists at Portland Pedal Power were grounded until today, but that doesn’t mean everyone was staying warm inside.

On your standard snow-free week, Portland Pedal Power is lucky enough to deliver fine goods offered by Bowery Bagels, famous for their New York style bagels, classic and creative schmears, and a partnership with Stumptown Coffee. As a testament to their dedication in the art of the bagel, Bowery was open and ready to take care of anyone brave enough to venture out in the snow, something few places in Portland could claim this weekend. If you haven’t had a bagel from Bowery, you’re missing out on an experience and need to rectify the situation immediately.

Portland is also lucky to have our very own Animators in Residence at Laika, the brilliant minds responsible for handcrafted animated features like ParaNorman, Coraline, and their upcoming feature, The Boxtrolls. Laika animators obviously have some good taste, because we coordinate a regular delivery of 15 dozen bagels to their main HQ in Hillsboro. Unfortunately, when the snow hit the fan Laika had to close-up shop, and suddenly those amazing bagels were without a destination.

That’s a lot of bagels.

Laika couldn’t take the food, but there had to be someone who could use it. After some quick thinking, a solution was found! It just so happened Portland Rescue Mission was kicking into overdrive, working around the clock to make sure everyone in PDX was going to stay warm and well fed.

Enter our very own Brook Buxton, four wheeling extraordinaire! Using his deft navigational skills in what was quickly becoming a frosty weekend, Brook was able to take 46 pounds worth of bagels over to the Rescue Mission, who worked tirelessly this entire weekend to give some warmth to anyone who needed it.

So here’s to everyone who managed to help out this weekend. We want to thank everyone who helped change a small problem into a fantastic solution; Bowery Bagels for creating 15 dozen bagels, Laika Animation Studios for donating, and Portland Rescue Mission for helping anyone in need.

Despite everything that’s thrown at us, be it snow, freezing rain, and temperatures in the 20’s, we are still able stay on our feet. This snowstorm was a shining example of just how durable the people of Portland really can be and just how far people are willing to go to help out. We are incredibly proud to be a part of this community.

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