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There’s something beautiful about symbiotic relationship. Whether it be the honeybee and the flower, the Clownfish and the Sea Anemone, or the Shark and Remora, partnerships between two parties can bring about some wonderful results. At Portland Pedal Power, we are very lucky to have quite a few partnerships that would even make a honeybee jealous.

Take for example our great relationship with Bowery Bagels! Bowery has been serving Portland since March of 2012, with with delicious bagels and schmears for sale at more than 80 retail locations. Once they opened their own storefront, Bowery reached out to PPP to fulfill their delivery needs and, as they say, the rest is history.

Why Bowery Bagels Advertises with PPP! from Portland Pedal Power on Vimeo.

The cool thing about our partnership with Bowery is how much we compliment each other. Bowery gets some great advertising space and the benefits of delivering by bike. We help out potential Bowery customers who want a New York style bagel in the comfort of their own surroundings. We’re not just delivering bagels; we’re generating demand throughout the Portland area for a great product.

This kind of relationship is more than just a signed agreement and annual check-in. Our riders know our partners inside and out, and are prepared to tell anyone and everyone about who we deliver for and why. We have a fleet of cycles with eye level banner ads, sporting more than 275,000 impressions per bike per month, giving our partners superior visibility and value in the most active parts of downtown Portland.

Check out our video explaining why Bowery Bagels decided to partner with PPP, and why you might want to consider doing the same thing.

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