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Portland Pedal Power is very lucky to have some of the best human resources in residence. Our riders are smart, friendly, and have legs of steel from riding far and wide across Portland. While you may get the chance to see us on the streets from time to time, how often do you get to sit down and get to know your delivery team?

With that in mind, I set out to find out a little bit about the people powering the pedals, to give you, our customers, some insight on who is delivering your vegetarian pizza, organic sushi, or hand made pie.

Meet Alex, a PPP cycling extraordinaire. Alex came up from San Pedro, California, and has lived in the Portland area for a little more than two years.

When he’s not running morning deliveries from Bowery Bagels, Delicious Donuts and Gluten Free Gem, Alex likes to ride his own Motiv bicycle around town. One of his early memories of being on a bike was riding solo next to a stucco wall. His shoelace got stuck on the gear, and Alex got to meet the wall a little bit quicker than he had planned. Maybe not the most graceful start to a life of cycling, but certainly a memorable one.

During his free time, Alex likes to do things that, in hindsight, weren’t good ideas (Lets be honest, who doesn’t?). When pressed for an example, I couldn’t get one out of him, so I moved on to an easier question. Alex’s favorite restaurant in Portland? Nong’s Khao Man Gai, which just happens to be on our order page.

Keeping with PPP tradition, I asked Alex what kind of animal he would be if he had the choice to change his species. To this, he responded “A Cormorant,” a species of bird known for its diving ability. After all, “If you have to downgrade, you might as well have superpowers.” That’s a good answer!

Here’s to you Alex! Thanks for doing what you do at Portland Pedal Power!