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You don’t have to be a Mathematician to appreciate Pi Day! Most of us were required to take a bit of math in school, and depending on our experience in that class, Pi can either bring back  fond memories or flashbacks of darker times. Whether you can recite Pi out to two hundred digits, or whether you had to Google why I didn’t use an “e” for Pi Day, I think we can all recognize one thing:

Pie is delicious!

That’s why for this upcoming Pi Day (March 14th, 3.14… get it?) Portland Pedal Power and Pacific Pie are teaming up and challenging you to Post Your Pi(e) on Facebook! We want to see how creative you can get by posting a picture of your Pi(e), whether it’s your favorite homemade slice of pie, a pie shaped like pi, a mathematical masterpiece of fine cuisine… whatever Pi(e) Day means to you!

Wow us with your artistic skills, and we will return the favor! The top three Facebook posts using the hashtag #PieDay and tagging both Portland Pedal Power and Pacific Pie will win a free sweet pie from Pacific Pie, to be delivered on March 14th by 3pm. Judging will be on creativity, quality, and peoples’ choice through shares and likes. To add a cherry to this sweet deal, just for Posting Your Pi(e), you’ll win a coupon for a free delivery from Pacific Pie, as long as you’re within our delivery area!

Submissions must be posted to Facebook by Wednesday, March 12th at 5pm and both Portland Pedal Power and Pacific Pie must be tagged in your post. Show us what you’ve got!