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Any coffee consumer knows the caffeinated drink, be it cappuccino, espresso, or your standard cup of joe, is a fickle creation. There are so many ways to brew coffee, and not all strategies are created equal. That’s why we are very excited to announce we now carry Trailhead Coffee! Trailhead roasts award-winning coffee for grocers, cafes, and restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Their coffees are roasted to highlight the nuances of their country of origin, all while bringing out the nice caramelization that occurs in a medium-roasted coffee. To make sure the flavor is just right, Trailhead does extensive taste testing, spends a lot of time with different brewing methods, and drinks a ton of espresso. All of this is in the name of research! Their dedication to the science of brewing the perfect cup of coffee shows! Trailhead Coffee won “Best Little Bean” with their limited edition Nekisse Ethiopian coffee. Trailhead loves to cup their coffees next to the very best, proving that they can stand toe-to-toe with with any java out there. Take a look at some of what Trailhead has to offer: RWANDA Cafe FemininoHints of cocoa and macadamia nut followed by subtle notes of clove and cinnamon brewed as a pour over. Corizon de Amazonas – Imported all the way from the Amazon, sportsbomber chocolate notes as both pour-over and espresso. PERU Altiplano French Roast – Uncharacteristically light for a french roast, has a syrupy sweetness without the typical bitterness. GUATEMALA Treeline RoastThree words: Chocolate, Raspberry, Truffle. Need we say more? By drinking Trailhead coffee, you’re not only starting your morning with wonderful flavors; you’re having a real effect in making the world a better place! Trailhead Coffee combines the very best coffees with a strong ethical message. The majority of their beans are grown by a cooperative of women farmers located throughout Central America, South America, and now Africa. The importer for Trailhead, Café Femenino, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and children in coffee growing regions around the world. And did we mention they happen to deliver by bicycle? So when you next have a need for a little extra energy, don’t sacrifice flavor or sustainability for the sake of convenience. Swing by our order page, and we would be happy to drop off some delicious, ethically roasted coffee to your front door.