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When you consider the bland, mundane food that was plaguing Europe during the dark ages, you can’t help but feel a twinge of remorse for the poor souls who didn’t know any better. It’s no wonder explorers traveled across half the world to find something more palatable.

Of course here in PDX, you don’t need to go on a lifelong expedition to find the best tastes of the world. Instead you can jump online, look at our wide variety of choices, and suddenly you’ve done what took Marco Polo over 20 years to do. Portland Pedal Power does the hard work, and you can stay at home in your footie pajamas. Imagine if Marco could see us now…

Check out a sample of what you can find on our dinner menu, and start planning what you’re going to enjoy tonight:

East India Co. seeks to redefine the perception of Indian food, offering the classic dishes with a contemporary flair. You can grab one of their Makhani dishes, an aromatic butter based tomato cream sauce seasoned with spices & herbs. Or maybe their Vindaloo, featuring a blend of red chilies, cuman, ginger, and mustard seeds. From Kerala Masala to Aloo Gobi, even the names sound delicious!

Kalé offers a comfort food that has been enjoyed by the Japanese for over a century. The founder, Makoto Yoshino, came to Portland in 2008 and, finding a lack of this culturally important dish, decided to show the Pacific Northwest what we’ve been missing. Now you can enjoy Kalé with beef, chicken, or the original with onions, carrots, tomatoes, and a variety of other vegetables. And don’t forget the toppings, like Fukujin Zuke, a type of Japanese pickle acting as the perfect sidekick.

Masu Sushi is Portland’s Second Story Sushi Haven, featuring extraordinary quality and unique menu items. Check out their menu, and you’ll find items like “The Transformer” with Softshell crab, cucumber, spicy tuna and avocado. Or how about the Japanista, with spicy crab, spicy tuna & kawaire seared hamachi? Check out our prior blog for more info!

Seres Restaurant and Xiao Chi Bar offers a great Szechuan menu, blending the palettes of the multiple regions of China with the character of the Pacific Northwest. Check out their menu, and you’ll find their Seafood Treasure, consisting of scallops, wild prawns and abalone stir-fried in a ginger infused white wine sauce. Of course, vegetarians and vegans need not worry. Take a look at Buddhas Delight, with organic vegetables stir-fried with white wine… My mouth is watering. Seres uses local, all natural ingredients throughout the menu, offering only the best and most sustainable meals you can enjoy guilt-free.

Feeling a little hungry? This is just a small taste of what we can drop off. Swing by our order page and we can hook you up with some of the best tonight!