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A couple of weeks ago, I met one of the People Behind the Pedals and wrote a bit about Alex, one of the great minds at Portland Pedal Power. I really enjoyed learning a little bit about our team, so once more I set out to get to know the PPP team and give you, our customers, some insight on who is delivering your vegetarian pizza, organic sushi, or hand made pie.

Say Hello to Brook, our dispatching, cycle-riding savant! Brook hails from the far east, from the exotic land of Baltimore. Brooks earliest memories of being on a bike date back to childhood summers, when he and friends would ride bikes  around his neighborhood for hours at a time. During one ride, he found himself brutally attacked by a marauding boat trailer, barely getting away with a mauled back tire and a vendetta against any form of marine travel that dare cross his path.

…OK, I might have used a little artistic license there, but a good story nevertheless. Today, when he’s not delivering from Pacific Pie Company, Brunch Box, or Gonzo Falafel (all of which are among his favorites in Portland) Brook rides a Kona Lanai mountain bike.

When he’s not dispatching orders or riding deliveries, Brook likes relaxing with his family, watching Seinfeld, and going for walks in NW Portland, where he lives with his wife, Sara, and two dogs, Opie and Lucy. His favorite color is yellow (check out the shoes), and his favorite books range from Jurassic Park and The Lost World by Michael Crichton to the Great Divorce by C S. Lewis.

When asked if he could change anything in the world, Brook had one of the best answers I’ve ever heard: “Donuts should burn calories.” Points for creativity, and can anyone say the world wouldn’t be a better place if it were true?

Finally, we must stick to PPP tradition, so I asked Brook what kind of an animal he would be, should he ever get the opportunity to change his species.

“A T-Rex. Dinosaurs are just awesome.”

Darn right they are.

So keep on doing what you do, Brook! We’re lucky to have you!