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Size isn’t everything, you know. Sometimes the best things in life come in small boxes. Nowhere is that sentiment expressed better than with the newest model in the Portland Pedal Power cycling fleet, which we have dubbed the ENOkio!

As you may have read in our monthly newsletter, we recently introduced the ENOkio, a smaller, lightweight model of the Pyxis! This new model of enclosed delivery bike was meant to reduce our fabrication costs by switching out our typical aluminum frame with a birch one. The unintended result has been a lighter, nimbler, super practical cycle capable of performing the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs. How’s that for bending space-time? Because you get some great cargo space without sacrificing the freedom of a bicycle, we’re calling it the Pyxis for everyone.

So when did it all start? ENOkio was born in February 15, 2014, and  was our smoothest build to date. Our in-home engineer Alex did a fantastic job with the pre-build phase, and the assembly went off without a single hitch (which might have been a first in our building process). Of course, as we prepare for growth to meet our market expansion goals, our manufacturing process is consistently getting smoother and more efficient.

You might think that a smaller design sacrifices some load space, but in functionality, the ENOkio is nearly identical to our full sized Pyxis.  The main difference is that the bike will accommodate two full-sized “hot bags” instead of three, but that’s still a LOT of food. Order as much Pastini Pasta, Aprisa Cuisine, and Pacific Pie as you like: the ENOkio will deliver!

As for the name? Well, being made of wood, the predecessor of this design was named “Pnokio” as a play on words of our Pyxis (which means “little box” in Latin) and… what was that wooden puppet called? Steve? Carl? Oh right, Pinocchio! During the development process of the ENOkio, we shortened the design of the bike in an effort to create a new product to serve other markets and users, so the E in the name stands for “External”, as in non-PPP branded. Names keep getting sillier as we go, but that’s the way of nicknames! We have a lot of fun designing and building these designs, and pet names are all part of the fun.

Check out our test ride of the ENOkio to get a better feel of how slick this machine can be on the roads, and let us know what you think of it on Facebook and Twitter!