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Ok, so it’s not quite what the title may sound like, but it’s true! Portland Pedal Power is looking for a proud owner of a Surly Big Dummy cargo bike. We’re looking to finalize the mounting process and hardware to ensure super easy attachment of the Pyxis to the Big Dummy frame.

We would keep you abreast of what we’re doing with your Big Dummy, keep the bike safe and secure, and of course if you need your ride back for a day or two to grab some groceries or help a friend move some boxes across town, we can always accommodate your needs.

We know letting someone borrow your cycle may be a little stressful. If you let us borrow your bike for a couple of weeks, we would be happy to pay back the favor! We can offer you a free lunch delivered to you within our delivery zone each day of the work week, a stylin’ PPP t-shirt, and a family/friend discount for the entire time you let us use your bike.

Do you happen to have a Big Dummy? Interested in taking us up on the offer? Shoot us an email at [email protected], or let us know through Facebook and Twitter, and we can give you some more information!