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Ah, summer. Memorial Day is coming up once more, and we’re all getting ready to roll out the BBQs, grab some micro-brewskies, and enjoy the sunny, warm weather. Some may go off on a vacation for the weekend, some may hang around the place and enjoy the weather. Some of you may even think about taking yourself for a ride on one of our fantastic local bike trails.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dusting off the ol’ fixed-gear now after a long winter, or whether you never stopped cycling in the first place. We’re just happy you’re on the road with us! But before you hop on the saddle, make sure you cover your butt on a few key areas, so we can all enjoy the streets incident free!

Bicycle Check – If you’re a fair weather rider, it may the first time you take your bike out for the day. Make sure nothing has run amok during its time indoors. Check your brakes, make sure your tire pressure is up to snuff, and make sure everything that needs grease has grease. If you’re not feeling too sure about the state of your bike, take it in and have a professional look at it. The best medicine is preventative, and you don’t want anything to happen in the middle of your trek.

Safety Equipment – It can’t be much clearer folks: helmets save lives! Your brain is a valuable tool (and the only organ in the human body that has named itself. Trippy, right?) so make sure you protect it. Check your helmet for any cracks and make sure it fits you correctly. Aside from helmets, make sure you’re seen on the road! North St. Bags has a number of reflectors that can help make you visible even in the harshest of storms, so it will certainly make you apparent on a clear sky day.

Plan the Trip – If you’re headed out for a day trip with some younger members of the family, make sure you examine where you’re headed. Some streets have some pretty high traffic, and some trails are easier than others. If the munchkin is riding solo, you may have some unnecessary stress on your hands. Make sure you visit the Portland Parks and Recreation page to see the difficulty level for any trails you have in mind. Check out our prior blog for some trip ideas.

Security – While riding through town can be fun, make sure you can secure your bike if you step away for something to eat, drink, or just want to relax for a bit. Check out our prior blog to get some ideas on how you can expect the best, but prepare for the worst.

Have Fun – Whether we’re out to enjoy the nice weather on a leisurely ride, or training to prep for marathons coming up this season, remember to enjoy yourself! We’re all out taking advantage of the good weather and beautiful region we live in. Remember to keep a good attitude, wave to other cyclists, and smile!

Remember to take photos and show us how you spend your time on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you on the streets!