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Portland Pedal Power has been delivering Treehouse Chocolate for some time, and now they are releasing three new Craft Drinking Chocolates! Take a look at what you will soon be able to find on the menu:

Curiosity has driven Aaron to do some wild things. It made him leave his Singapore homeland and venture to the frigid waters of the Oregon coast. It led him to sail a boat through pirate territory in the Celebes Sea. But the greatest thing curiosity guided him to do was work on the cacao farms of Hawaii.

There, Aaron dug his hands into the dirt and discovered a lifelong passion. In the tiny tree house he called home, an idea formed: To create a chocolate company that does justice to the craft and spirit of cacao farming, using only clean, natural ingredients and premium organic cacao, sustainably sourced directly from the farmers.

So just one year ago, in May of 2013, Aaron founded Treehouse Chocolate. He started out with just two flavors of chocolate bars made with real, simple ingredients for exceptional taste and quality.

Aaron imports the cacao for the new Drinking Chocolates and the Chocolate Bars from a farmer-owned cooperative in Dominican Republic. Then he roasts the cacao in small batches, cracks & winnows the beans, and grinds them in a traditional stone grinder for a minimum of 72 hours. It’s the real deal.

The new craft drinking chocolates come in three flavors:

Original – Dark chocolate with organic milk
Camp – Dark chocolate with organic instant coffee & organic milk.
Cherrywood– Dark chocolate with organic milk & Jacobsen Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt.

Designed to be sipped and savored, these drinking chocolates are thick and rich in true artisan European style with a new American twist. Enjoy!

Treehouse Chocolate offers a number of chocolates unique to our own region. Check out our prior blog where we write about Treehouse, and visit our order page to grab something tonight!

**EDIT: we no longer service Treehouse”