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If you bike in the PDX area, then you’re likely familiar with the giant green mural painted in the downtown Portland area, proclaiming our city as “America’s Bicycle Capital.” It’s pretty hard to miss, considering it wasn’t exactly painted for subtlety. You may recall seeing the mural in the background of a few of our own photos, including when we introduced the spunky ENOkio.

Unfortunately, it looks like the two year old proclamation is going to be removed.  Since the building is considered an historic landmark, murals of any kind are not allowed, especially work that was not sanctioned by the city to begin with.

The man behind the mural, Todd Roll, admits the work is significantly larger than the standard 22-by-22 feet, but thought the work was a matter of Civic Pride and the city would give its blessing. After all, you have to admit we’re pretty lucky to have the bike presence we have, right? After a bit of legal back-and-forth, Roll and Pedal Bike Tours were finally told the mural had to come down.

Surprisingly, advertising space isn’t barred from historic landmarks. While we may lose our self-proclamation of leading the country on two wheels, Pedal Bike Tours was cleared to use the space for a 484-square-foot advertisement. We may lose the words, but Roll explained the international sign for bicycle (the big green circle with the bike in the center, in case you didn’t know) gets to stay, helping advertise for his business.

So get out there and grab a photo while you still can, Portland! Unless things change, you have until 8AM Friday morning to see the mural. Show us your memorabilia by posting to our Facebook page and Twitter!