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Everyone has their own individual look, especially here in Portland. That’s why we are very excited to show off some of our newly acquired swag! Walz Cycling Caps has taken to Portland by storm, bringing with them a unique style we know you want to see.

Walz Caps are made from one of three types of fabric: Moisture Whicking Wool, Cotton-Blend, and Eco-friendly. The caps come in one of three designs, and can fit anyone, “from pinheads to melon heads or those in between.”

Says Walz Cycling Caps: Our cycling caps earn their reputation for quality and function because they are created with the individual cyclist in mind. Our cycling caps’ global popularity has allowed us to expand production while still keeping our handmade production in the United States. Our customers are raving about the fit, fashion and function our cycling caps provide at a remarkable value.

And when we say unique style, we mean unique. Walz Caps can be customized to fit your stylistic needs, whether they may be. If you can design it, they can sublimate, silkscreen, or embroider your own hat right here in the USA. Check out their customization page for more information.

Now,  you have a chance to win one of these fantastic hats for yourself! We have some customized Portland Pedal Power caps we’re just itching to show you, and we want to share the love! This coming week, you have a chance to win yourself one of three of these stylish cycling caps.

To enter to win, all you have to do is catch a picture of one of our bikes with our Walz Cycling Caps signage. Grab an original photo of us while we’re delivering lunch, stopped at a red light, on the go, or wave us down for a quick selfie! Once you get a shot, tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #PPPWalzCaps, and you will get the chance to win a cap for yourself.

Get your photos in by Friday, June 20th, at 5:00PM, and we will announce the winner by drawing.

Already have a Walz Cap? Show us your style on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We want to see you rockin’ the look!