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Ciao, Bella! There’s nothing like that perfect texture, scent, and flavor that comes with a perfectly created pizza. Whether you’re a fan of a hearty Chicago Style, that perfectly balanced New York crust, or perhaps your more of a classical type who thinks Naples got it right the first time. No matter the preferred style, Perfect Pizza has what your taste buds desire.

Started by Dana Taylor in 2011, Perfect Pizza serves artisan crafted pizza created with recipes that Dana learned as a child growing up in Europe. Today, Dana and Winston take the art of Pizza to a whole new level, crafting some of the best pizza in PDX and living up to their name.

Perfect Pizza uses the highest quality products including premium Mozzarella from Bacio Cheese, Fontanini Sausage from Chicago & gluten free crust from Venice Baking Company. They’re the only pizzeria on the West Coast offering pepperoni from Ezzo Sausage Company, the number one pepperoni on the east coast. You will taste the difference!

Feeling a little hungry? Take a look at our order page, and you’ll find some delicious pies to choose from:

Pesto Veggie Pizza – Basil pesto base, artichokes, garlic, black olives, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, feta cheese & mozzarella.

Perfect Chicken Pizza – Grilled chicken, bacon bits, Canadian bacon, feta cheese, mozzerella, red onion & garlic on an alfredo base.

Cheese Pizza – Mozzarella & Parmesan. Prime mozzarella from Bacio Cheese is the best on the market. Includes a splash of buffalo milk to give it a creamy texture.

South of the Border Pizza – Ground beef, red onion, red peppers, cilantro, jalapenos, tomatoes, feta cheese, mozzarella & sour cream.

Perfect Veggie Pizza –  Fresh spinach, red onions, red bell peppers, black olives, garlic, feta, tomatoes, mushrooms & mozzerella.

Molto Bene! Order one of these works of art for the office, and we will bring you a pizza you cannot refuse to taste.

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