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Being a part of the west coast, especially the Pacific Northwest, requires a kind of zeal not found in the rest of the country. We are never out of sight of an evergreen. You can still find some wilderness outside the city limits. We can see the monolithic Cascades from our backyard. We not only live with rain for nine months of the year, we thrive in it!

As resilient as we are, sometimes we need help to keep us thriving in the moisture. Enter Patagonia, the perfect outfitter for our outdoor needs. Started in 1973, Patagonia offers apparel for whatever it is you may enjoy doing outside. Be it hiking, skiing, rock climbing, surfing, Patagonia can get you the gear you need to fully enjoy your day outdoors.

On top of that, Patagonia takes environmental activism to a whole new level. Patagonia is famous for starting several environmental movements, like 1% For The Planet, The World Trout Initiative, and The Footprint Chronicles. Every year, Patagonia donates either 1% of their total sales or 10% of their total profit, whichever is larger.

Just the kind of company we like here at Portland Pedal Power! We are happy to announce that we are now delivering for Patagonia starting this Wednesday, just in time for their Summer Sale, which offers discounts of up to 40% on in-store items!

Need those hiking boots you’ve had your eye on? How about that fleece jacket you’ve been thinking about? As long as Patagonia has your item in-stock, we can get it delivered within 4 hours of your order as long as you make the order within 10AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday. In addition, we are offering free same day deliveries on orders of $150 or more!

Faster than the USPS. Faster than those brown trucks you sometimes see scooting around the city. Portland Pedal Power will get you that great Patagonia product that you absolutely need in record time.