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twistfroyoLabor Day Weekend has to be one of the most anticipated days of the summer. You get the nice heat, the fountains are running, your neighbors are cooking the soy brats, and you get one final chance to say, “Summer is awesome!”

That’s why Portland Pedal Power is promoting one of the most summer-y things of all: Twist FroYo! This Labor Day Weekend, come enjoy some of the best Frozen Yogurt in town! We’ll be hanging out at two of the coolest events this weekend, handing out delicious samples of Twist FroYo and hanging with all the cool kids. Come be one of those cool kids!

We’ll be relaxing at Wallace Park enjoying the Portland Film Festival on August 30th (this Saturday) watching Ping Pong Summer and enjoying the good weather. What goes together better than Frozen Yogurt and a movie? Not much, I tell you.

We’ll also be chillin’ at Art in the Pearl, named one of the top 10 Arts and Crafts Festivals in the country. The event lasts all weekend, and fills the Northwest Portland Park blocks with art, theater, music, and hands-on activities for people of all ages. 

And on top of these cool events that makes summer in Portland so unique, we’re handing out free Frozen Yogurt from Twist FroYo. Really, can you think of a better way to enjoy your summer?

So come hang out, talk, dance, and sing with us as we enjoy the weather to its fullest: With Frozen Yogurt in hand enjoying the most Portlandish parts of our great city!