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Bridge Pedal ColinEach year on the second Sunday in August, Providence Bridge Pedal closes Portland’s Willamette River bridges to car traffic so they can be fully enjoyed by bike! From Sellwood to St. John’s, and even on the Fremont and Marquam highway bridges, it’s once-a-year opportunity to enjoy the views of Portland and the beautiful surrounding area without worrying about getting sideswiped by a minivan.

This year, the Portland Pedal Power team will be riding Bridge Pedal in full force, with nine riders hitting the Willamette River bridges on our delivery bikes decked out with active advertising for Bowery Bagels, Walz Caps, Point West Credit Union and more! We’re going to be offering all kinds of swag, so when you see our fleet, make sure you take a minute to say hello and we’ll make sure to send you on your way with something awesome.

If you need a quick carb recharge before the ride, we’ve got you covered. Our Bowery Bagels bike is going to be packed full of free bagel samples to fill you up at the starting line for the 6 Bridge Ride. We’ll also have free coffee cards from Bowery, who stock their shelves with some of Portland’s favorite grounds from Stumptown Coffee.

If you’re looking for some swag, ask us about our Walz Caps. We have some awesome caps we are itching to hand out, and you might find yourself with a custom designed PPP hat that can keep your head cool as you sweat on the Burnside.

We’ll also be promoting our partnership with Point West Credit Union and the Community Cycling Center, giving you a perfect opportunity to support the CCC and a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card from Point West! Check our previous blog and the Point West Facebook Page for more details and be sure to snap of a photo of yourself with a PPP rider at the top of the Fremont Bridge. Can you think of a better opportunity to capture the perfect Portland cycling shot? We’ll have the Point West Bikes riding up and down the bridges, and can you think of a better photo opportunity than at the top of the Fremont Bridge?

So make sure you look for us on the bridges at Bridge Pedal – our team of Pyxis-enabled cargo bikes should be easy to spot! We’ll be rocking Bridge Pedal with passion, chatting with everyone about Bowery, Walz and Point West, while enjoying rare, bridge-top views of our beautiful city. Get yourself some cool stuff and talk with some cool people! What more could you ask for?