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I know you. You had to stick around the office a lot longer than you were expecting because the meeting ran long. The commute home was full of people who probably shouldn’t be out on the road, much less in a two ton steel box. After navigating that jungle, you finally get home and realize you don’t have anything ready for dinner. Thanks Universe, you can be a real pal sometimes.

We can’t shorten your commute or meeting time, but we can take a little bit of stress off your shoulders when dinner time rolls around. Portland Pedal Power is working to help you get dinner extra late. Whether you’re stuck trying to get your website debugged, brainstorming the next app that will change the modern world or just stuck in a meeting that is running long, Portland Pedal Power has the meal you can enjoy late into the evening.

Now you can schedule dinner with Portland Pedal Power weekdays, Monday through Thursday, between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

Check out a few of the places you can enjoy late into the evening:

Perfect Pizza takes pride in knowing they have lived up to their name, creating the perfect pizza for all of the Northwest. Now they have set up shop in Portland and we’re bringing their perfection right to your door.

Crave Catering offers a headspinning global dining experience taken from around the world! Crave offers cuisine from Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and India while offering exceptional local flavors found only in the Northwest.

Garden Bar offers large, generous bowls of crisp, locally sourced veggies, seasonal fruit, satisfying grains and gorgeous local cheeses tossed with seriously flavorful dressings.

Kalé serves the dish that has been the ultimate comfort food to Japanese for over a century. Savory, and similar to a stew consisting of beef, onions, carrots, tomatoes and many other vegetables, locals enjoy it over Japanese rice.

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