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At Portland Pedal Power, we are big fans of things done differently. Anyone can go with the groove, but someone who decides to shake it up a little? That’s what peaks our interest.

That’s why we are very excited that we came across Shurky Jurky, a completely new take on what most of us take to be a simple snack food. Instead of sticking with the Status Quo, Shurky Jerky mixed it up and created a superior flavor, no artificial sugars, and using whole fruit for flavor.

Shurky Jurky is a new kind of Gourmet Sustainable Artisan Snack Company. Instead of  heading down the road of artificial flavoring, Shurky Jurky are bringing back the Perfect Portable Protein, a Classic Home Style, Rip Tear Jerky handcrafted for individuals leading active & healthy lifestyles. Shurky Jurky are Purveyors of Choice Artisan Jerky made responsibly from scratch using real fruit and without any refined sugars, additives, non-natural flavorings or preservatives.

One of the secrets behind the taste is the background and ingredients of Shurky Jurky. Unlike other name brand products, Shurky Jurky is handcrafted using pastured quality meats raised in the Pacific Northwest.  Simple, high-quality ingredients like non-GMO spices, real fruit & liquid aminos help provide flavor. This healthy combination means 100% shelf-stable flavor quality lasting more than a year.

We invite you to embrace the fact that Shurky Jurky is entirely unique. Shurky Jurky not just another “me too” jerky. Like a fine red wine served at room temperature, the way to truly appreciate its quality, texture and long flavor profile is to start slow, chew lightly, savor, and enjoy!

Looking to try some Shurky Jurky yourself? Grab one of our riders and ask about this new Jurky craze hitting the streets! We’ve got some samples we’d love to hand out!