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With all the doom and gloom in the news recently, It’s always nice to hear about businesses doing something right in the world. Especially when it hits so close to home. For the past few months, USAgencies Credit Union, one of our partners, has been giving back to the local community through its Platinum Visa Program. 

With just the swipe of a credit card, members at USAgencies Credit Union are giving back to the local community, Launched as a benefit of being a Platinum VISA cardholder in 2008, the credit union has committed 5% of net income from this card to investing in charitable efforts. Since its inception, the program has given back more than $18,500.

With the roll out of their new brand identity in late July, USAgencies has reignited their community giving efforts online. Organizations seeking donations can now visit and submit their request.

“Our giving efforts are informed by the philosophy that we want to be a consistent resource for our members in their financial lives,” says Kasey Rockwell, Director of Credit Union Relations. “The Community Giving Team works to ensure that approved requests and credit union giving efforts are a reflection of the membership groups we serve.”

Details about this program can be found at

Good on you, USAgencies, for doing something right for the community. We are proud to be partnered with such a proactive Credit Union such as yourselves!