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Savor Soup House Sandwich

Lunchtime sometimes gets the short end of the stick when compared to our daily meals. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, Dinner usually takes a lot of preparation, but lunch? It can range from whatever happens to be in the pantry to that bag of  chips you got from the vending machine.

Don’t neglect lunch! Think of it as your recharge for the second half of the day. Fail to get enough energy, and you might find yourself nodding off, becoming forgetful, or getting cranky. You have to get that energy to finish off the day!

Check out some of the things you can find on our Lunch Menu and spice up your afternoon meal:

BBQ Fusion is a food cart serving your BBQ favorites. This labor intensive, no short cut method of cooking low and slow yields moist and tender meats. Experience succulent meats made with homemade spice seasonings, marinades, and sauces.

East India Co. Grill & Bar seeks to redefine the perception of Indian food, offering the classic dishes with a contemporary flair. You can grab one of their Makhani dishes, an aromatic butter based tomato cream sauce seasoned with spices & herbs.

Garden Bar offers large, generous bowls of crisp, locally sourced veggies, seasonal fruit, satisfying grains and gorgeous local cheeses tossed with seriously flavorful dressings.  You may even want to take a picture of your bowl before you dive in; these salads will make for some jealous friends.

Left Coast is an authentic Southern diner food cart in downtown Portland that specializes in Low Country cuisine of the Carolinas. From Fried Chicken to Oyster Po-Boy, you will find all kinds of southern comfort food on the Left Coast. ** Edit: we no longer service Left Coast** 

Nong’s Khao Man Gai is a legendary food cart serving up their specialty dish of Khao Man Gai. Nong was recently featured on Chopped, a program featured on The Food Network!

Savor Soup House is a food cart serving delicious, homemade soups and grilled cheese from seasonal, quality ingredients. Savor strives to make all of their soups gluten free, and all soups and stews are served with Grand Central Bread. ** Edit: we no longer service Savor Soup House**

This is just a taste of what awaits you on our Lunch Menu! Portland Pedal Power delivers for over 30 different locations between 11AM to 2PM. Check out what we can do to make your lunch exciting!