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slide0Today’s world is full of cycling accessories that help add to your riding experience. We have LED flashlights, accelerometers, smartphone mounts, bells… just about anything you might want or need on a bike. But square footage on your handlebars is a limited commodity, and having too many accessories is going to take up a lot of space. And besides, who can keep up with the odd dozen different tools you might keep up front?

COBI is the worlds smartest integrated biking system, streamlining your handlebar accessories and providing seamless integration of all your cycling needs. The founder of COBI, Andreas Gahlert, is a passionate biker who was tired of the clutter on his handlebar and decided to do something about it, creating the COBI. Check out just a few of the features that you can find on this unique system:

Smartphone Compatible
– COBI is smartphone compatible, connecting you to over 100 different cycling apps, your music library, the ability to call your friends, and more. You also have access to a GPS system featuring popular routing, bike lanes, turn-by-turn directions, and even a “buddy radar” showing you the location of all your COBI friends.

Illumination – COBI provides a dynamic lighting system, including a stylish front light that responds to atmospheric illumination, and a back light that signifies sharp deceleration and changes in direction. That’s right, you get a turn signal!

Security – With the COBI hub securely attached, you get to decide who rides your bike, and sets off the motion-sensitive Theft Alarm for others with its light and sound alert. COBI only unlocks for you.

Fitness Finesse – COBI keeps track of calories burned, heart-rate, cadence, and other real-time statistics during your time on the road.  As your bike improves, so should its rider.

Ease of Use – Rather than fiddle with the touchscreen while riding, COBI features an intuitive interface that displays the information you need. When navigating through apps, COBI sports an elegant ergonomic thumb controller that can be used with a single finger, meaning you get t0 keep your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road.

Based in Germany, Cobi started a kickstarter campaign to raise 100,000 US dollars. In less than four days, COBI reached their goal with over 800 backers. As of the date of this blog, COBI has raised 167,000 dollars, becoming one of the most successful German Kickstarters ever. Today, it is a Kickstarter Staff Pick and has won “The Kickstarter’s Choice” reward.

The Kickstarter for COBI has already reached their goal, but you can still contribute by visiting their Kickstarter page and helping them reach their stretch goal of $200,000. Be sure to sign up for this fantastic device before it’s too late!