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2014-06-05 16.40.41This morning, I woke up and discovered it was so cold outside, I had to both physically and mentally brace myself before taking the dogs out for a potty break. Granted, PDX isn’t going through the winter extravaganza the rest of the country goes through, but that doesn’t mean it’s not cold out.

There’s nothing like baked goods during the colder months of the season to take the chill out of a freezing morning. That’s why we’re always excited to deliver for our baking friends around Portland. Whether it’s a quick way to start your morning, a sit down meal, or a dessert you get to treat yourself to afterward, baked goods will always have a special place in out hearts.

Check out some of the businesses we deliver for that can help take the chill out of these winter days:

Pearl Bakery creates traditional artisan baked goods, making everything from scratch on a daily basis. Pearl uses the best ingredients they can get their hands on, sourcing locally whenever possible. You will find a global menu at Pearl, with everything from classic all-butter French croissants, to tender Italian ciabatta loaves, to rustic scones and pastries.

Gluten Free GEM Bakery specializes in pastries and desserts that featuring strict gluten-free ingredients. The bakery also accommodates vegan diets, dairy free lifestyles, and most common food allergies, all while keeping a delicious, hand crafted taste unique to the bakery.

Portland Bagelworks offers freshly baked and handcrafted daily with local, fresh ingredients and have a delicious exterior that is scored for better crust and more toppings. Bagelworks strives to make bagels that are Portland Style, using locally sourced ingredients you can only find in our corner of the world.

Delicious Donuts creates everything from burritos to bagels to, of course, donuts. The founder of Delicious Donuts, Boun, has been fine tuning his creative process for the last decade, creating only the best of bear claws, the most appealing apple fritters, and the most savory cinnamon rolls.

While we can’t change the temperature, we can get a cupcake into your hands! And that’s comfort worth having. We want to make sure you’re not suffering the cold! Come visit us and get yourself a warm treat this morning.