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_MG_0278Indian cuisine is one of those types of meals where if you get the right spices, textures, and flavoring, you can knock your taste buds out of the park. Few have the gift to create the perfect mixture, but those who can? We love to sing their praise.

That’s why we’re very excited to deliver for Siri Indian Cuisine, a fantastic local restaurant who got the mixture down to perfection.

Siri Indian Cuisine is one of the finest Indian Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Delectable food, outstanding service, and the beautiful ambiance make Siri Indian Cuisine a restaurant above and beyond other dining facilities.

Siri provides professional catering services for banquets, wedding receptions, birthday parties, business meetings, intimate gatherings, and so on and so forth. Their dedicated and highly experience team will work with you to lead your catering event.

_MG_0339And now, Portland Pedal Power is delivering for Siri! Visit our menu, and you’re going to find a host of menu items from both North and South India. Check out just a few of the items you can order:

Tandoori Rack of Lamb: Pieces of lamb racks marinated with yogurt & baked in the tandoori oven.

Lamb Goa Curry: Boneless lamb cooked in onion & tomato with a creamy coconut sauce.

Fish Vindaloo: Cod fish cooked with potatoes in tangy onions, tomato & vinegar sauce & garnished with fresh lemon.

Vegetable Korma: A medley of fresh vegetables simmered in a creamy Northern Korma sauce.

_MG_0327Taste isn’t everything, though. Siri takes dietary needs into consideration, and creates menu items that are Non-Dairy, Gluten Free, and Halal. This keeps your options open, ensuring that you can still enjoy the flavors of India no matter your specific dietary requirements.

Don’t neglect your taste buds! Treat yourself to something utterly delicious and get some lunch from Siri Indian Cuisine!