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GG-2012-Logo1This year, Wilamette Week is making it easier to give back to the community. WW has hand-selected 136 great Portland nonprofits that need your help this holiday season. This helps make it easy for you to make a donation – and a connection – to groups in your community. What you give today will help make Portland a better place all year long.

This guide doesn’t just cater to a small portion of the community, either. Whether you’re a health nut, an animal lover, or a patron of the arts, or all three, WW has a way you can help out the community. Choose from a variety of nonprofits benefiting animals, education, arts, the environment, health and wellness, and other alternatives.

And the best part is, the more you give, the more you get back! Donating at any level, and you’ll receive free and discounted products from your favorite local brands, like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Chinook Book, Portland Center Stage, Widmer Brothers, and more!

Give Guide also features Big Give Days. Donating a minimum of $10 to any organization on one of these days, and you have a chance to win a great incentive.

If you give $10 or more today, the 18th of December, you get the opportunity to win a case of spirits from Rogue Distillery! This prize is sponsored by the Rogue Foundation.

Help make Portland a better place for the whole year round by giving a little extra this season. With incentives like these, everybody can celebrate the season!