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Apple-Slice-Website-1024x621Pie Day is a magical time of the year. It’s like a whole day was dedicated to bringing you back to your grandmothers house, when the egg timer dings and suddenly the kitchen is filled with the smell of browned crust and hot apple filling.

That’s right folks, National Pie Day is coming up! Unlike Pi Day, which has a mathematical undertone, Pie Day has no subtleties about it. January 23rd is all about the baked deliciousness you know and love, meaning you can enjoy these goods math free (which, if you had the math experience I had in high school, is a good thing)

This year, Pacific Pie Co. and Portland Pedal Power are teaming up to bring you free pie delivery on National Pie Day, Friday the 23rd. If you order a pie from Pacific Pie Co. to be delivered on the 23rd, Portland Pedal Power and Pacific Pie Co. will cover the cost of delivery, ensuring there are no barriers between you and your pie.

We also want to hear about your Pie Experiences! Have you had an especially delicious Pie from Pacific Pie Co? Have a saucy story about last year’s Pie Day? Or maybe you just have a picture of a delicious pie you just took out of the oven, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share. This is your opportunity!

Posts Your Pie pictures and stories by Thursday, January 22rd and tag Portland Pedal Power and Pacific Pie Co. on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, and our judges will award a lucky pie enthusiast a Free Pie in addition to their free delivery. Yes, you did read that right. Free Pie, Free delivery, all for showing us your enthusiasm for pie. What’s not to love?