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10881765_829807827058222_477619493_n“Week 3 out of 52: I find my willpower to be weakening. All this healthy food is taxing my taste buds, and I find the junk food in my pantry is beginning to talk to me, calling my name. I might not make it through my 2015 resolution of staying healthy, and it’s only January. Tell the kale it wasn’t personal.”

Ok, so maybe we’re not so dramatic, but you have to admit those resolutions that looked so good at the beginning of the year might be starting to get a little stale already. Somehow, we always forget that healthy eating also means less of the bread covered appetizers and more collard greens.

That being said, if you’re finding yourself eating the same kale salad over and over again, you might be doing healthy food wrong. Just because you’re eating healthier doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy your meal!

That’s why we highly recommend you check out Whole Foods and their online ordering menu. Whole Foods makes it easy to get wholesome, organic food straight to your door, without the issue of trying to avoid the snack-food aisle. You can grab sides and salads like their Spinach Orzo Salad, or go on a full on picnic with their Specialty Wrap Box.

Have a party coming up? While it might be a good invitation to slack from your healthy goals, fear not! Whole Foods offers fresh alternatives to the typical greasy potato chips that usually graces your coffee table, like their Fresh Fruit Platter, Tea Sandwiches, or their Petite Baguette Sandwich Crate. The best part, aside from being healthy? They taste fantastic!

So don’t give up on your resolutions, and don’t get burned out on the same bowl of greens day in and out! Whole Foods can help make your resolutions that much easier to stick to!