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TREO 2Sometimes, you’ve just got to get away. Not just taking a day off and going to the waterfront for the afternoon, but actually get away from it all. Somewhere away from cellphone coverage, the constant moisture in the air, and the glare of the computer screen. Does such a place exist? And where do I sign up?

TREO Ranch is a unique destination for cycling clubs, team building, executive and corporate retreats, as well as family and group vacations. You can escape the day-to-day grind by traveling to Eastern Oregon, where you’ll see a countryside unlike anything you may find on the western side of the cascades.

TREO Bike Tours offers group bike tours with full support. Each ride is all inclusive, meaning you get a full set of meals, full ride support for any mechanical issues that may come up, micro beer and soda on tap, and even a hot tub for those extra long rides.

TREO 3TREO takes you through the side of Oregon less traveled. You will experience both gravel and paved roads (and most importantly, carless roads!) traversing both high a low altitudes. You can customize your trek, pick and choose which routes your group can enjoy based on the skill level (from intermediate to beyond advanced) and interest (speed, distance, and elevation).

During your bike tour, experience hearty meals and comfortable lodging at TREO’s western guest ranch near the Hardman Ghost Town in Eastern Oregon.  Their secluded and comfortable 3200-sq-ft guest house has 12 beds and sits on a 300-acre farm with the nearest neighbors miles away. After a long ride, you can enjoy a leisurely soak in the six-person hot tub, enjoy a game of pool, pull a cold one from your personal tap, kick back with the air conditioner on their comfy couches or relax outside in the shade.

Cycling might be your thing, but what about your cousin Larry, who may be less enthusiastic? Larry doesn’t have to miss out; TREO also has Multi-Sport Adventures, like Clay Pigeons, Target Shooting, hiking through Glutton Falls, and even Calf Roping for the ladies!

Check out a brief snapshot of what you’ll see when you sign up for TREO Bike Tours:

Jenn had the opportunity to go on a TREO Bike Tour in July of 2013. Check out what she had to say about her experience with TREO.

Ready for a once in a lifetime experience? TREO is accepting reservations for Corporate Retreats, so you can start team building like never before. Schedule your escape now to reserve the best times this spring and summer.