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Some of the delicious items you will find at Mi Mero Mole!

Some of the delicious items you will find at Mi Mero Mole

Next Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo! A great opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture with great music, dancing, and of course, delicious Mexican food!

In case history wasn’t your thing, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces invading Mexico in 1862. It was a significant victory over the French, and inspired unity and pride throughout the country. Since that war, no European force has ever successfully invaded a country in the Americas.

So how will you celebrate this coming Cinco de Mayo? We have some fantastic Mexican restaurants you and your office can enjoy while celebrating:

Aprisa Cuisine – Built out of recycled shipping containers, Aprisa is the newest revolution in fine Mexican Cuisine. By creating high quality food with a chef’s flare, we put a spin on the idea of fast food.

Burrito Bar – A small family-owned restaurant, Burrito Bar provides fresh & healthy options for the community in Portland’s Pearl District for the past seven years.

Cha Cha Cha Taqueria – Serving authentic Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on organic and local ingredients, Cha Cha Cha Taqueria strives to be modern yet traditional with an eclectic mix of dishes.

Mi Mero Mole – In Mexico City, where urban life doesn’t always allow for a home-cooked meal, guisados are one of the most popular street foods. Mi Mero Mole serves traditional dishes from Mexico City made from scratch with tortillas made fresh using ground nixtamal.

Qdoba Mexican Grill – Qdoba is an artisanal Mexican kitchen where anyone can go to enjoy a fast, handcrafted meal prepared with fresh ingredients and innovative flavors.

Ready to celebrate? Que Bueno! Visit our menu and start planing how your office will enjoy Cinco de Mayo this coming Tuesday.