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logoThere’s nothing like fresh baked goods right out of the oven. Whether it’s a freshly baked cookie, a hand-decorated cake, or delicious butterhorn, there are few better ways to start the day off. That’s why we are very excited to be delivering for Helen Bernhard Bakery!

Helen Bernhard Bakery was established in 1924, beginning, as many bakeries did in those early days, by baking cakes for neighbors and friends. At the time, the Bernhard family lived in the house next to the present shop. Ben Bernhard’s father was a minister at Grace Lutheran Church and his mother, Helen, created the cake business as a hobby and an addition to the family’s income.

Most recently, the bakery was purchased by Mike and Kellie Snaadt.  They are inspired by the rich history and loving memories the bakery provides the community.  The bakery has seen many changes in it’s 90 years of existence, but amid all those changes, the home bakery feeling still remains.

And now, Helen Bernhard’s delivers with Portland Pedal Power! Take a look at our menu, and you’re going to find some delicious treats:

Coffee Cake and Coffee Cake Rings –  Made from scratch recipe Danish dough. We fill them with a variety of fruit flavors then bake them in a ring shape perfect for office meetings and parties.

Cup Cakes – Available in white, chocolate, pink champagne and red velvet. We offer 3 levels of decoration depending on the type of event. Party includes icing and sprinkles, specialty are a more decadently topped cupcake with chocolates, fruits and drizzles, and our fancy include icing flowers or other decorations choices.

Butterhorns – Our traditional round morning Danish, mini style can be topped with custard or a variety of fruit toppings.

GQqOlNbv61savYSpecialty Cakes – Choice of Rich German Chocolate cake, Light Carrot cake, or decadent  White Chocolate cake.

In addition to the assorted baked goods you’ll find on our menu, Helen Bernhard’s also specializes in decorating incredible cakes! If you have a super special celebration that needs a specially decorated cake, contact us directly for pricing and opportunities, nearly anything is possible.