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Image taken from Willamette Week

Image taken from Willamette Week

In Mexico City, where urban life doesn’t always allow for a home-cooked meal, guisados are one of the most popular street foods. It’s a quick way to grab something delicious on the go, without having to spend an hour sitting in the restaurant.

Now, you can enjoy some delicious guisados without having to travel all the way down to Mexico city! Portland Pedal Power is happy to deliver for Mi Mero Mole, an authentic Mexican restaurant dedicated to serving tasty food with fresh ingredients.

The goal of Mi Mero Mole is to serve traditional dishes from Mexico City that Chilangos love at a reasonable price. Their tortillas are made fresh using ground nixtamal rather than commercial Maseca. Everything served, including the moles, salsas, rice, and beans, are made from scratch.

Ordering from Mi Mero Mole is easy! Take a look at our menu, where you can fill your tacos, burritos, memelas, or plato machos with some delicious guisados, such as:

Beef and potato in a dark chile and tomatillo salsa

Ground pork, beef & ham stuffed w/ egg in tomato-chipotle sauce

Vegan option of mushrooms & potatoes in dark chile pasilla sauce

Smoked lamb in extra-dark mole (contains nuts)

Pork in savory chocolate mole with over 20 ingredients

Ready to get a taste of Mexico City? Visit our order page and find something delicious for lunch today!