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_DLR1343At Portland Pedal Power, we always get excited when we start delivering for a new vendor. Ate-Oh-Ate is a Hawaiian restaurant located on Burnside, bringing the delicious cuisine of the islands to the mainland. We wanted to learn a bit about Ate-Oh-Ate, so we asked them to tell us about themselves:

Certain things become iconic for a reason. Sometimes you just hit a combination so right, there’s no improving upon it. Like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It’s just kind of perfect. That’s how I feel about Hawaiian Plate Lunch. There’s just something so right about two scoops rice, a scoop of creamy macaroni salad and a pile of tender, smoky Kalua Pig. Or Teriyaki Chicken, maybe.

Tropical paradise is a frame of mind. It helps to be someplace warm and sunny with the breeze coming off of the ocean wafting aromas of plumeria and hibiscus; but if you can’t be there then transport yourself mentally via alimentary pleasure. Sometimes people ask me, “How is it you’re wearing board shorts and rubber slippers when it’s so cold out?” I just tell ’em, “If I believe hard enough, it’s warm and sunny right now.” The sit in stunned silence, allowing me the time to slurp up the last of my Saimin noodles, as the warm rays of belief start to shine in their heads.

Ate-Oh-Ate is proud to be in partnership with Portland Pedal Power, sharing our version of reality with the entire city of Portland. Ate-Oh-Ate – promoting the power of belief one plate lunch at a time. Working to achieve Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup status.

Ready to get yourself some delicious Hawaiian food? Check out our menu, and bring a taste of the islands to your office!