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BeerWeekBannerIn a city like Portland where craft beer reigns supreme, you have to imagine that dedicating a week to beer would be a pretty serious endeavor. After all, where do you even start planning that kind of week? And where do you go first to celebrate?

Rest easy, Portland. Whole Foods has Beer Week covered! Starting on June 12th and going until the 23rd, Whole Foods is dedicating the week at their Pearl District Location to the craft beers of Portland. This event will directly benefit Harpers Playground, and organization dedicated to building a better playground for kids and adults alike. Whole Foods will be hosting a number of events and invites the city to celebrate its unique blend of local flavors.

Hold up, you might think. There are craft breweries all over the place. Does Whole Foods really have the expertise and knowledge to dedicate a week to Portland Beers? The answer is a resounding Yes.

Kris McDowell of Beer Musings recently had a chance to take a look at the selection at Whole Foods, and was pleasantly surprised by the selection you could find in their Craft Beer refrigerator. In her blog post where she talks with Jason Jaime, the beer specialist at Whole Foods (Talk about a dream job!) Kris found that Whole Foods is “committed to making sure they have a great, current selection of new and seasonal beers.” In a city like Portland, it’s no wonder that would be a full time job. Take a look at Beer Musings from Portland to read more about Kris’ interview with Jason.

Check out a few of the events you will enjoy when you come celebrate with Whole Foods:

Brewery Tour – 
Ever wonder how something as delicious as Craft Beer is created? Whole Foods can show you how! During the tour, you will find out how so much goodness can be created from hops and barley.

Block Party – To really kick things off, Whole Foods will be blocking off a portion of NW Couch for a block party dedicated to Craft Beers! Come try some of the best local flavors, award winning labels, and perhaps a few new releases.

Special Release – To perfectly commemorate the occasion, Whole Foods will be unveiling a special label at the event. Be the first to see the unveiling during Beer Week.

Soiree Party – Enjoy the finer things in life with a Soiree! Whole Foods will have a selection of oysters, cheeses, and the finer things in life including some select craft beers to perfectly accentuate the flavors at this party. Black ties are completely optional.

Come enjoy this fantastic occasion! Our riders are going to be out on the road telling everyone about what you can enjoy during Beer Week. When you see us on the road, flag us down and ask for a schedule of how you can enjoy this coming Beer Week.